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Lock and Key Tempe Arizona

The ability to do things a bit faster is something that you need if you are a business owner or manager because there isn’t enough time during the day to get everything done. If you have a bunch of different keys for each door in your building, call us to make you a single Master Key that will operate each door.

Locksmith Tempe AZ is a full service company that will provide all your lock and key needs including providing you with the ability to securely and quickly evacuate your building. When you experience an Office Lockout because of lost keys, we can quickly unlock the door so that you can go back to work.

Emergency evacuation device installed

Panic par is a device that you need in case of an emergency. We can install this device for you on your emergency exit doors if you don’t already have one. Call us at any time so that we can give you the ability to evacuate your building quickly in case of fire or any other emergency.

Do you need a Commercial Locksmith that can also act as an advisor for your overall security features in your office building? If you need this level of service, you’ve got it when you call us. We are not only knowledgeable; we are also highly experienced and can serve you any time.

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